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Current Exhibition  ANTON CORBIJN



2/7 – 31/8 2022, Open every day, Free entrance

We show over 30 photographs, many of them in large format and recently published. The exhibition provides insight into the internationally renowned photographer and film director’s creation of portraits, with distinct imagery, in collaboration with perhaps the most impressive personalities in music, film, art and fashion.

Anton Corbijn, born in Strijen, Holland in 1955, is one of the world’s foremost photographers. His sense of expression and composition has inspired generations of creators. His characteristics are emotionally charged black and white images, with contrast and graininess almost always taken in natural light and outdoors.

He shaped the visual representation of many icons in the music world, such as Nick Cave, Tom Waits, U2 and Depeche Mode. In addition, he has been the “visual director” for Depeche Mode for many years.
Per Gessle + Roxette has also had several collaborations with Anton Corbijn.

The exhibition shows photographs by Depeche Mode, U2, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Marianne Faithful, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Björk, Per Gessle, JJ Cale, R.E.M, Billy Idol, Leonard Cohen, Frank Sinatra, Steven Spielberg, among others.