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About Photography

Some explanations:

Editions: Most of the photos and graphic works we sell are made in signed and limited editions (Ed.). The size of the editions varies depending on the photographer.

Dimensions: Indicated in centimetres and refers to paper size unless stated.
A picture frame with a Passepartout will be about 20-25cm larger in height and width.

C-print: Chromogenic Colour Print, commonly referred to as C-print, is a traditional chemical print on colour paper. Today, laser beams in red, green and blue are most often used to expose the paper. Even black and white digital photographs are developed today as C-print.


Fine Art Print: Digital printing on archive-proof paper, often with a cotton base.


Silver Gelatin: A photographic development method where the image is illuminated on a paper that has been made light-sensitive with silver salts in gelatin and then developed and fixed in chemical baths. This technology has been used since the end of the 19th century to develop black and white analogue photographs.


Silkscreen printing: Graphic method based on the colour being pressed through a fine-mesh fabric stretched on a frame with the help of a squeegee.


Etching: Graphic method where the motif is carved on wax-coated copper plates which are then treated with corrosive acid. The plates are then coated with paint and the motif is transferred to paper.


Lithography: Graphic plan printing method were drawing in oil chalk is done on porous limestone, litho sheet or litho film and then transferred to paper.


Art Glas – Museum glass or UV glass with the frame permits less UV radiation and is also reflex free, which enhances the colours of the image. The feeling is that you experience the picture sharper and clearer.