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Good Vibrations

 July 2 to August 31, 2021

Photographers: Bruno Ehrs, Johan Lindeberg, Joakim Strömholm, Sven Gillsäter, Peo Eriksson, Kalle Gustafsson

Bruno shows the suite “One plus one is one”. Several diptychs as well as triptychs. His idea for the exhibition was to put together different images to create a new exciting context.
Bruno is best known for his portrait of Carl XVI Gustaf who is sitting and resting on a staircase opposite the castle in Stockholm. Several of Bruno’s pictures are currently on display at the Swedish National Museum, where he has also previously exhibited. Bruno Ehrs is a living icon in Swedish photography and has produced ten exclusive photo books and has had about 40 exhibitions. Bruno is also represented at the Moderna Muséet and the Statens Porträttsamling with several pictures.

From one icon to another. No one has meant more to how golfers dress in 2021. He has created the hottest jeans brands World Wide. All with their enormous creativity. Today it is the photo that Johan is most passionate about. He has been a very active photographer for several years and has, among other things. photographed the largest models in the world that apply right now. “Women Of Integrity” has been a theme he has worked with even far beyond the model world, such as captivating portraits of women in e.g. Nepal, Morocco and Cuba. His creativity and skill perhaps come even more to the fore in his photography. This is the first time Johan shows his pictures outside New York, where he has had a couple of successful exhibitions.

(1921 – 2001) A legend as a photographer, filmmaker, nature painter and adventurer. Sven made about 30 films for SVT and has produced about as many photo books/travelogues. Sven would turn 100 years old this year and be honoured, among other things. with a couple of museum exhibitions. Bl.a. at Hallands Museum, when he lived for many years at the end of his life in Steninge. In addition, he pays tribute to an extensive photo book about his incredible life that will be available at the end of the year. Bl.a. shows a couple of pictures he made with King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia in the Galapagos.

He was born with a camera around his neck as the son of the legendary photographer, Christer Strömholm. Joakim has been photographing since he could walk. He was very close friends with Ulf Lundell and photographed Uffe’s early years, his first gig, the pictures for Ulf’s first books (where he was also one of the main characters in the book, Jack). He has hung with everything from Bruce Springsteen and Nina Hagen to Ronja Rövardotter. What a photo archive Joakim is sitting on! And what a quality. This is the first time he shows pictures in such a thorough way.

In racing, he is a well-known photographer. Most famous are his F1 photos from Monaco. Peo was close friends with Ronnie Peterson and lived with Ronnie and Barbro when he photographed in England, and it was often. He, therefore, came very close to everything in the industry. Pictures and meetings with legends such as Graham Hill, Joakim Bonnier, Sir Jackie Stewart and not least Steve Mc Queen who also ordered a picture of Peo after Le Mans. Peo has photographed a wide range, but we focus on his fantastic racing photos in F1, and then mainly Monaco where he has also had an exhibition.

Kalle is a prestigious photographer for Vogue for many years. He starts from Stockholm but has the world as his field of work. But it’s not just fashion. Bruce Springsteen fell for his fantastic picture “Stallion”. A slightly magical image that was also the cover of Bruce’s album “Western Stars” from 2019. The image was photographed in Argentina and is really “Good Vibrations”.

There are opportunities for interviews with Bruno Ehrs, Johan Lindeberg, Joakim Strömholm and Kalle Gustafsson.

For Press:

There are opportunities for interviews with Bruno Ehrs, Johan Lindeberg, Joakim Strömholm and Kalle Gustafsson.

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